Identify System Supports for Sustainability

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Work Simulataneously in Different Parts of the System:

System wide support and change are needed to fully realize effective ICP&LEs. This perspective is one of the principles underlying the WHO Framework for Action in Interprofessional Education and Practice.

Five basic levels of system influences were identified in this project, including:

  • National, provincial and organizational policy context
  • Site teams in clinical practice settings
  • Healthcare personnel
  • Students in the healthcare professions
  • Patients/family/community

Based on the findings from the project evaluation and drawing from the WHO framework, as well as the CIHC competencies, the evaluators developed a framework that identifies how focusing on mulitiple levels of the system can influence the ultimate goals for ICP&LEs.

Begin sustainability discussions early in site development:

Work with the team members to identify how the practice changes they are planning and implementing can be embedded within their ongoing operations and within the broader organization.

Consider what factors will influences sustainability and what questions do we ask to assure sustainability in our work?


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