Implement Interventions

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Establish a timeline for implementing the interventions:

Work with team members, and others a required, to determine the overall timeline for implementation of each intervention identified during the engagement phase - document short, medium and longer term action items. Consider incorporating this timeline/action plan into any relevant individual and/or team performance plans. Also consider how this timeline/action plan aligns with the broader organization's strategic and operational plans. Confirm and document interventions.

Move to establish some "quick wins":

Demonstrate willingness to change by quickly taking action on some items raised during the engagement phase.

Ensure a focus on activities that enhance workforce optimization:

Workforce optimization enables organizations to optimize patient outcomes while ensuring the most effective, flexible and cost effective use of human resources. It is the product of multiple, integrated and interacting organizational interventions focused on: appropriate staff mix , continued eduction to ensure health service provider continued competency in a changing health system, optimal deployment of staff members competencies and optimal practice environments.


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