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Web Link World Health Organization 1166
Web Link Health Canada 1147
Web Link Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative 1601
Web Link Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum 1248
Web Link UBC College of Health Disciplines
The College of Health Disciplines is a university based centred dedicated to moving interprofessional colaborative education, practice and research forward. Resources, publications, intiatives and events are posted on the site, including an overview of an innovative Interprofessional Collaborative Learning program (see Resources/IP Education Resources/UBC CHD IP Collaborative Learning Series
Web Link BC Academic Health Council
The BC Academic Health Council is a not-for-profit organization linking the healthcare and advanced education sectors in the province of BC. BCAHC's goal is to connect people and organizations to strengthen academic health in BC, with particular focus on health profession education.
Web Link Health Force Ontario: Implementing Interprofessional Care in Ontario
Health Force Ontario has lead a provincial initiative "Implementing Interprofessional Care in Ontario." Several resources / tools have been developed for supporting implementation of IPC.
Web Link AIPHE: Accreditation of Interprofessional Education

The Accreditation of Interprofessional Health Education (AIPHE) initiative, funded by Health Canada, is a national collaborative of eight organizations that accredit pre-licensure education for six Canadian health professions: physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, social work, nursing and medicine

Web Link Interprofessional Teamwork in Health and Social Care
Resource for clinicians, academics, managers, policymakers to understand, implement and evaluate interprofessional teamwork. Provides a fuller understanding of how teams function, of the issues relating to the evaluation of teamwork, and of approaches to creating and implementing interventions (e.g. team training, quality improvement initiatives) within health and social care settings. It will also raise awareness of the wide range of theories that can inform interprofessional teamwork.
Web Link University of Alberta Health Sciences Education and Research Commons IPE
IPE mandate is to champion and develop interdisciplinary activities for the 8 Univeristy of Alberta Health Sciences faculties. It offers IP learning experiences for students and faculty development.
Web Link University of Regina: the Greystone Centre for IP Collaboration in Education
The Centre's MISSION: The Greystone Centre for Interprofessional Collaboration in Education works with pre-service and in-service human service professionals to support schools, youth, families and communities to improve health and well-being through collaborative social action.
Web Link Interprofessional Health Collaborative of Saskatchewan (IHCS)
IHCS activities are funded by the Saskatchewan Health Sciences Network. IHCS is a province-wide network of educators, clinicians and community partners committed to IP learning and practice.
Web Link Dalhousie University: Seamless Care Initiative
Seamless Care was a 3 year pilot project through Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia aimed at developing and evluaing a model of pre-licensure interprofessional education.
Web Link University of Manitoba: Interprofessional Education Initiative

The University of Manitoba's Interprofessional Education Initiative mission is to "graduate health professionals prepared to manage and adapt processes in IP teams necessary to achieve optimal person and family centred health and wellness outcomes...achieved through innovative education opportunities for student to elarn about, with and from each other."

Web Link Centre for Interprofessional Education: University of Toronto
The University of Toronto Centre for Interprofessional Education (IPE) provides IPE opportunities to pre-entry to practice students and practice-based health professionals at our affiliated hospitals and community clinical placements. The University of Toronto Centre for Interprofessional Education aims to lead the advancement of IPE through education and research initiatives
Web Link IP Mentoring and Preceptoring Super Toolkit 2863
Web Link Queens University: Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice

Queens University, Kingston, Ontario OIPEP: Advancing Health Care through Collaborative Learning. Mandate is to create common strategies, content and resources for IP teaching, learning and practice for health sciences students and faculty

Web Link University of Western Ontario: Office of IP Health Education and Research
The Office of Interprofessional Health Education and Research at the University of Western Ontario. The website is intended as a "one-stop" area for information related to the completed and ongoing IPE initiatives that are currently being implemented at the University of Washington. Excellent source of teaching resources, case studies, simulation activities and links.
Web Link The McGill Educational Initiative on IP Collaboration: Partnerships for Patient and Family Centred Practice
Originally funded through a Health Canada grant in 2005, this initiative aims to foster and develop interprofessional practice. This initiative uses four major strategies to facilitate interprofessional education and practice: 1. A professional development program; 2. Building learning resources to teach IP practice for students and clinicians.3. Integrating IPE/IPC into the curriculum. 4. Enabling IP practice in clinical settings. The website provides an extensive overview of the project intiative, tools and resources.
Web Link Ryerson University Interprofessional.ca
RU Interprofessional: Collaborating for Healthy Communities - facilitates and supports the process of developing a sustainable culture of interprofessional education, practice and research collaboration within and across the Faculty of Community Services and its community partners.